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Challenges to Future Technologies

HADO Future & Challenge

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The challenge of technology for the future,
Our passion, our innovation, 
Innovative ideas and research

Our vision for the future

The future is always an unknown area. But we want to develop the best technology for the future, pursue innovative ideas, and transform society and business. Our vision is to discover new possibilities and become a company that continues to evolve through innovation.

Technical challenge

We are not afraid of technical challenges. Rather, I regard it as an opportunity and devote my passion to overcoming difficulties and developing. We take pride in gaining new technology experiences, realizing creative ideas through experiments, and delivering technology solutions for the future.

Social responsibility

We believe that the development of future technologies should have a positive impact on society and the environment. Our technologies and innovations value social values and pursue sustainable development. Our efforts aim to contribute to the prosperity of mankind and a better life for future generations.



Research on eco-friendly future new materials based on polyester

Material development and recycling technology

We research and develop polyester material recovery and recycling technologies to extend product life cycles and strive to minimize waste.

Plant-Based Materials to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Research on plant-based polyester materials replaces the use of fossil fuels to reduce carbon footprint and strive to develop environmentally friendly materials.

Production process optimization and transparency

Emphasis on environmentally friendly production processes and transparency of product information raise environmental awareness and contribute to promoting sustainable product development.


Fuel efficiency improvement and Co2 reduction effect through research and development of lightweight automobile interior materials


Research on high value-added materials using Physical & Material Recycle technology


Development of biodegradable PET, PLA, Kenaf, Jute, Rayon materials


Development of eco-friendly materials and products harmless to the human body using biomass

Production Line

HADO FNC is equipped with automated production facilities so that all production processes can be carried out in-house.

This one-stop automated production system enables outstanding technological innovation and outstanding quality improvement, further strengthening our global competitiveness.



HADO FNC is committed to producing polyester-based eco-friendly products and researching and developing future new materials with unremitting efforts and passion.

Raw Material Parts

PET Fiber, Chemical N.W.F, Needle Punching N.W.F, High-Strength Board

Application Parts

Luggage Board, Head liner, Bonnet Hood, Dash Outer, Trunk Lid, Wheel Guard, Rear Package Tray, Floor Mat, Floor Carpet, Under Cover, Luggage Side, Battery Cover, Pillar, Rear Back Seat

Public Health & Quarantine Materials & Aircraft Parts

Filter, Spunbond N.W.F, Mask. Carpet,


Global Philosophy & Automotive

New ideas create innovative ways of life and future.

HADO FNC improves the old way with new ideas and presents a completely new approach. Through this, production and development innovation has been possible so far, and it will be the driving force for steady development in the future.

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