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Development of special materials for automobiles, health prevention and aircraft interior

With constant effort and passion,
We are doing our best to produce polyester-based eco-friendly products and research new materials for the future.

Polyester-based eco-friendly products

| Automotive interior materials and parts


| Sound-absorbing materials

  - Webs - lite


WebS-lite from the Hado FNC is a sound-absorbing material used to reduce car noise. WebS-lite has high performance and low density, so it is excellent in sound absorption, and it can be easily processed with existing technologies such as die cutting and ultrasonic bonding like existing sound absorption materials.

It can be applied to exteriors such as car headliners, door trims, trunk trims, and wheel guards, and especially improves performance from low to medium frequency, showing excellent performance in car interior noise management. It also shows high efficiency because it has better sound absorption compared to other companies.

| Public Health & Quarantine Materials and Products

  - Filter


The melt blown filter uses fine fibers and static electricity to effectively filter out dust, particles, and viruses in the air or liquid.

Meltblown filters are mainly made using polypropylene. The PP material is melted at high temperatures to become a liquid, which is sprayed at high speed to form fibers.

The melt blown filter has a very high filtration efficiency because of its fine fiber structure. It is mainly used in various fields such as masks, respiratory protection devices, air purifiers, medical supplies, and industrial filters, and contributes to protecting the environment and safety by effectively filtering out particles such as viruses, bacteria, and dust.

  - Spunbond N.W.F


Spunbond is mainly made of polymer materials such as polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET).

Spunbond has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and tensile strength, so it is used in various fields such as medical supplies such as medical masks and medical gowns, sanitary goods, household goods, agriculture, construction, and automobile parts.

  - Mask


 - KF94, KF80 (Health mask for quarantine and yellow dust)

 - KF-AD(Mask for preventing droplet infection in daily life)


| Aircraft Parts

  - Aircraft interior carpets and composite materials


Obtained AS9100 certification for the aerospace quality management system for the first time in the industry, supplied KUH-1U prototype interior carpet (first in Korea)

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