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Securing cutting-edge core technolog

HADO FNC is a company that connects the present and the future.
Our company philosophy becomes reality here

Research on Recycled Uni-Material Products

| R&D

With the remarkable development of the automotive industry, one of the leading industries in the 21st century, securing unique technology in automotive parts and material processing, we are gaining competitiveness by focusing our capabilities on more systematic and more robust automotive parts development.

Furthermore, we are developing new products/new technologies and carrying out specific projects in connection with independent and external research institutes for research and development of high value-added products.


| Research and development of eco-friendly products based on polyester


| We are realizing “low carbon, green growth” through green technology development.

We actively respond to climate change issues through the development of innovative green technologies, and furthermore, we think of a pleasant future global environment.

Employee training and engagement

Supporting companies to practice green values by raising awareness of environmental protection

Renewable energy transition

Introduction of a new energy system to realize carbon neutrality and minimization of power consumption

Establishment of foundation for low-carbon green growth

Social Responsibility and Transparency

Fulfilling social responsibilities and establishing transparent management, communication and trust

Building a green supply chain

Use of eco-friendly materials and products and strengthen cooperation with suppliers that meet environmental standards

| As a company specializing in materials, we continuously develop core technologies.

Development of new eco-friendly products using PET-based materials, research on economical physical recycling and material recycling technologies, development of biodegradable PET, PLA, Kenaf Jute, and Rayon.

Development of PP-based ultra-precision medical and semiconductor filters.

파란색 플라스틱 과립

| Development of future eco-friendly biodegradable materials and products

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