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Human Rights, Ethics Policy and Ethics Charter

the Charter of Human Rights

HADO FNC confirms its commitment to comply with the social principles listed below.

1 Social policy

  • Certified organizations have a clear set of policies to comply with social requirements.

  • Archive records

2 Social requirements

  • compulsory collateral, contract, and prison labor

  • child labor

  • Effective recognition of freedom of association and collective bargaining rights

  • discrimination, travesty, and abuse

  • Health and safety

  • Wages, benefits and terms of employment

  • working hours

Ethics Policy and Ethics Charter

Corporate Responsibility Policy (Ethics Charter)

Based on customer expectations and interests, Hado FNC Co., Ltd. is one of Korea's leading automobile nonwoven fabric production groups and has a mission to lead regional development and national economic growth in the 21st century by enhancing the competitiveness of the automobile industry to a global level. Accordingly, we enact the "Hado FNC Ethics Charter" to renew our ethics and use it as a standard for behavior and value judgment.

1. contribution to the nation and society

  • We contribute to regional development and national economic development through continuous job creation and sincere tax payment.

  • We take the lead in protecting the environment by thoroughly complying with all environmental laws and contributing to society through cultural and welfare projects.

  • Our ideal is to develop and provide safe and environmentally friendly products to improve the quality of life for everyone and realize a richer and richer life.

2. Promotion of customer rights and interests

  • We promote the rights and interests of our customers with the best products and services, protect their information preciously, and fulfill our promises with customers.

  • We maximize profits by improving our financial structure by maximizing management efficiency.

3. Human respect and human resource development

  • By respecting each employee as an independent person, we achieve a mature organizational culture based on mutual trust and understanding and do our best to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

4. Establishing partnerships with partners

  • We actively support mutual growth with international competitiveness in the long run through technical support and fostering guidance for our partners.

  • We trade on an equal footing with our partners and do not make unfair demands using any form of superiority.

  • We create the best value through fair and transparent purchasing activities and new technologies.It is our duty to promote reciprocal development with foreign partners and further contribute to the development of the company.

5. the establishment of transparent management

  • We establish a trusted honest corporate culture by handling all tasks on a transparent basis and maintaining a fair trading relationship with all business partners, including customers and customers, that guarantees mutual benefit under transparent trading conditions.

  • We reject any solicitation from all stakeholders that may hinder fairness in relation to our duties, and we do not accept fraudulent profits. In particular, we respect ethical behavior to establish transparent management, faithfully and responsibly perform our duties, and use the true FNC human image and CEO's management indicators that put public interest and order ahead as our representatives.

  • We do our best to create a just and enterprising culture by cherishing the name "Hado FNC Co., Ltd." and to create Hado FNC Co., Ltd., which is respected by everyone

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