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에어플레인 윈도우에서 선셋

Environment • Quality • Aerospace Policy

HADO FNC Co., Ltd. establishes and operates a documented environmental policy and environmental management system in producing automobile and aviation parts, industrial non-woven fabrics, and non-woven fabric parts for household use and clothing, to eliminate any environmental issues that occur in all organizational activities, including product development, transportation, and service. We do our best to minimize the impact on the environment and ensure that nonconformities are always considered and maintained from the customer's perspective through continuous environmental improvement activities and implementation. To achieve this, all executives and employees comply with the following.

1) Compliance with relevant laws and other requirements

2) Continuous improvement activities and pollution prevention activities to improve quality and minimize environmental impact

3) Harmony with the Earth's nature, resource conservation, maintenance of the highest quality, and compatibility of environmental impacts according to the organization's activities, products, and services

4) Development of products considering high quality, low environment, and resource recycling through technology accumulation

5) Conducting education and environmental protection activities on quality and environment

6) Maintaining customer satisfaction and disclosing management policies to stakeholders

7) Provides a framework for establishing and implementing management goals and detailed goals

In order to periodically review and maintain the above quality and environmental policy, Hado FNC executives and employees will do their best to carry out their duties.


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